Why Is This Billion-Dollar Cannabis Magnate Suddenly Interested In This Obscure Software Company?


Vision and brain biohacking — An unlikely landing place for a former Cannabis tycoon, don’t you think?

It’s exactly why today’s highlighted stock has completely consumed our focus, opening us up to an interesting opportunity.

When we began digging into this vision and biohacking company we quickly discovered the company has far transcended the capabilities of conventional optometry — and perhaps that’s an understatement.

This company is using AI and Machine Learning to deliver results beyond the normal bounds of eye and brain medicine — it’s a revolution that is improving vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses and with the projected growth in aging populations worldwide, this could lead to life-changing returns for investors.

It’s like comparing rotary telephones to your iPhone 12. Or dial-up internet to the new 5G networks.

Terry Booth was fresh off a 7 year run as the CEO of Aurora Cannabis — darling of the cannabis industry — that he started with $2.5 million of his own money and grew to a market cap of over $18 billion.

Investors who saw the cannabis trend coming and invested in Aurora Cannabis early on were able to realize a 7500% return.

For Terry to pivot from that behemoth of a business into a micro-cap stock in a completely different industry altogether… well, again, we were intrigued. 

Maybe we were expecting Terry to rest on his laurels and retire on a tropical island… Or take a major stake in some blue-chip silicon valley stocks that continue to woo Wall Street denizens — but no, Terry now calls home this smart-tech vision health company; the venture he has dubbed a “Global and Noble cause.”

What could be so special about this comparatively small company with such ambitious and admirable goals? 

We couldn’t help take notice seeing an uber-wealthy former cannabis tycoon dedicating his full attention, vast resources and global network of movers and shakers to?

Especially with such little fanfare…

In our business of publicly traded companies, this is the equivalent of Tony Stark optimizing just his glasses instead of the Iron Man suit. We needed to know what Tony Terry saw in this small company.

So we did some digging…

And, it didn’t take long for us to become believers as well…

Our first big “Aha!” moment was discovering a fact that hit us like a truckload of prescription glasses:

While the Cannabis industry is a $14 billion industry, ophthalmology equipment and medicine is a staggering $80 billion per year goliath… 5 times bigger!

So legal cannabis – the business that’s been bombarding our Facebook feeds and glutting every street corner in legalized cities…. All of that, is only a $14 billion dollar industry? Meanwhile, the company Terry just joined is positioned to disrupt an $81 billion industry?

When our shock finally wore off, like sunshine beaming through parted clouds on an overcast day… it all became clear!

We came to our senses and realized the undisputed, undefeated goldmine that is the healthcare industry.

The Healthcare Industry has always been the 900-pound gorilla — with the full force of the Federal government behind it and an entire insurance industry fueling its profitability and growth. 

We’re talking a global market of 7.5 billion people–who may all likely to suffer from vision problems or brain disease in their lifetimes. And this company has the patented technology to apply AI, Big Data and smart tech to those problems that affect all of us.

Well it wasn’t hard to see what caught Terry’s attention…

Now we wanted to know what convinced him to step on board as Chairman…

There’s huge untapped demand for vision enhancement that permeates every demographic of society, including Big Industry and childhood education…

Vision problems afflict 1 in 4 people on Earth — 25% of the human race… and yes, that’s the potential market for Binovi’s(OTCQB: BNVIF) disruptive vision-enhancement technology that uses AI to repair vision without glasses.

We’re going to break down what it is they do in just a moment, but first..


Why we love niche medical companies with proprietary applications and strong patents…

We’ve entered a brave new world of Big Data and AI disrupting antiquated industries.

These days, companies with patented applications are revolutionizing century-old institutions overnight; disrupting mammoth industries… and the field of healthcare is next and Binovi(OTCQB: BNVIF) plans to be part of that evolution.

The iPhone took us by storm, revolutionized how we used the internet and connected to each other — it has permanently changed our world since; the reverberations of that technology are felt daily. It’s not hard to predict a very similar revolution with the warp-speed progress of AI, Big Data and smart tech in the health industries.

AI appears on the brink of revolutionizing industries as diverse as health care, law, journalism, aerospace, and manufacturing…

Deloitte.com, Artificial intelligence (AI) goes mainstream: Revolutionizing businesses

Think about FitBit(NYSE: FIT) or UBER(NYSE: UBER) — their technological advances both completely altered the landscape of their respective industries overnight. Physical fitness and the taxi business was permanently altered (for the better).


Take a company like CloudMD(DOC) — Market cap of $394.88M — which digitized healthcare delivery by giving patients access to every aspect of their medical treatment from their phone, tablet or desktop computer. 

They rode the wave of AI-driven smart technology and leveraged relationships between insurance companies, clinics and patients. 

These companies picked one niche, one area, then took one idea and hammered it into existence to dominate a market and realize billions in profits.

Binovi supercharges the connection between vision and the brain — far beyond just “fixing” eyesight with glasses, Binovi is biohacking vision & brain performance…

See, the same old vision diagnosis has been used forever — some chart on the wall with a bunch of smaller and smaller letters which gives you a number telling your how bad your vision is.

Then they take a scope to your eye and diagnose any deformities.

They usually prescribe eyeglasses or contact lenses…

What they CAN’T do is actively manipulate the neurology and sensory connections between brain and eyes to reverse issues such as… 

  1. near- and far-sightedness
  2. traumatic brain injuries
  3. balance problems
  4. peripheral blindness
  5. visual reaction times and 
  6. hand-eye coordination.

And Binovi’s smart-tech may promise to provide the first real solutions by addressing the connection between the eyes and brain.

And Binovi has one patent in particular that could be the edge, eliminating any “competition”…

The “Wayne Seccadic Fixator” was acquired by Binovi from renowned eye doctor and vision pioneer Harry Wayne. 

It’s continued to prove itself as an industry standard for vision enhancement and treatment without glasses, far beyond the capabilities of optometry.

It’s a brilliant piece of equipment which manipulates the sophisticated anatomy of the eye’s function and neurology, gradually rewiring the brain.

Pairing this patented tool with an AI interface, Binovi has become a force to be reckoned with.


Binovi acquired the patents to the “Wayne Seccadic Fixator” and brought it into the 21st Century with the application of AI, Big Data and smart apps.

And we can’t emphasize enough how pervasive vision issues and pathologies are globally.

We’re not just dealing with a “market.”

Vision problem afflict the entire human race.

And with their patent Binovi(OTCQB: BNVIF) could be entering a “Blue Ocean” where only they can treat vision using this technology combined with AI and Big Data.

….so just how bad is the “Vision Epidemic”?

We estimate the total economic burden of eye disorders and vision loss to be $139 billion.


We did the math and it works out to an economic impact of $463 per year for every American.

And for the 65+ demographic, the economic burden and problems skyrocket 400% compared to their aged 40-64 peers.

With populations aging worldwide, the stress on our healthcare systems is predicted to increase, forcing governments to seek out cost-saving innovations such as Binovi’s.


Aging populations worldwide are predicted to increase healthcare costs, with vision disorders being a major factor.

It’s not hard to see the writing on the wall — government healthcare programs suffer whenever there is a health epidemic of this severity. Social programs are strained and tax dollars are hemorrhaged.

Up until now, there has been no solution offered to reverse many of these vision problems.

 They’ve only become worse through the viral use of smart devices and screens at alarming rates which are causing devastating eye-strain now beginning in a child’s infancy when these phones become “babysitters.”


Once again, Binovi with Terry Booth at the helm is uniquely qualified to spearhead this sea-change in public health…

Terry Booth spent 7 years networking with the biggest health regulators in government to gain acceptance of Cannabis products… experience that will be instrumental in introducing Binovi’s cost-saving technology to governments worldwide.

If Terry Booth was able to work with governments worldwide to approve Aurora’s cannabis products, imagine what he can do with a revolutionary cost-saving technology that addresses eye problems… currently costing countries hundreds of billions annually.

Terry’s years of experience working with governmental agencies and building a vast network of contacts could be the key to speed up approval processes and fast-track typically snail-paced bureaucracies.

Let us extrapolate here:

  • Up to 40% of childhood learning issues are due to vision impairments–often undiagnosed and mistreated–with glasses not sufficiently resolving it.

  • All professional sports, especially the multibillion dollar industry of E-Sports, depend on vision, reaction times and hand-eye coordination.
  • Ophthalmology is an $81 billion a year industry that’s exponentially growing as new technology and smart device usage causes more eye strain and pathologies than ever before.
  • Eye disorders have an economic impact of $193 billion per year–just in the United States.
  • Binovi’s technology catches issues earlier, treats them faster and with more permanent results.

  • They can effectively improve formerly untreatable traumatic brain injuries — their patented smart-tech diagnoses and influences the brain’s neurology using sight alone.

And huge networks of clinicians, high performance sports medicine and healthcare regulators are well-aware of all this — with a groundswell of clinics and pro sports teams using their platform and giving them a respectable couple million profit in fiscal year 2019…

They’re working to ink their first nationwide deal, opening up the Binovi(OTCQB: BNVIF) platform across a network of locations spanning a couple of hundred locations.

In simple terms: The upside could be huge…

We were ecstatic to see other similar publicly traded companies that are absolutely crushing it…

In a year that looks to be a skewed version playing out from the Book of Revelations, it’s amazing to see certain niches and stocks either do well or just absolutely crush it:

Companies that parallel much of the Binovi business model trajectory seem to be on a space-bound rocket ship with the way their stocks keep rising…

These characteristics look to be:

  • Strong patents
  • Smart-tech applications
  • Mass market demand

Ocular Therapeutix Inc (NASDAQ: OCUL) (Market Cap $48.11B)

Biopharmaceutical vision company which has seen its stock explode over 400% in just 2020 alone. It speaks to the growing demand for real solutions to a global epidemic.

Edwards Lifesciences Corp (NYSE: EW) (Market Cap $48.11B)

Edwards parallels Binovi in many ways — They’re in the business of patient-focused medical innovations; Their stock has seen over 900% gains in just the last 6 years!

Medtronic PLC (NYSE: MDT) (Market Cap $51.92B)

This one is particularly interesting because of how the niche dominance of Medtronic may actually help us predict Binovi’s (OTCQB: BNVIF) own success — They’re the largest medical equipment supplier in the US serving 72 million patients. 

Cloud MD (CSE: DOC) (Market Cap $394.88M)

Cloud-based telemedicine giant CloudMD just acquired HumanaCare in the pursuit of profoundly expanded market share — They’re following similar trends of rapid growth and huge returns this year, delivering over 800% gains for investors.

What’s beautiful is companies like CloudMD, Medtronic and Edwards LifeSciences is that they are not competitors of Binovi, but possibly even partners.

Binovi(OTCQB: BNVIF) is far past proof of concept — with their Wayne Seccadic Fixator essentially making them impossible to compete with as this technology disrupts the massive vision and brain disorders industry…

And that’s the edge these companies have over institutionalized medicine… they have far more opportunity and leeway to go against the grain with R&D. This obviously pays in spades when you see the meteoric growth of a medical tech company like Medtronic cap at over $50 billion.

Binovi’s patented tech serves multiple markets — health, education, professional sports and the broad “biohacking” community…

Just like FitBit made fitness and physical monitoring accessible to anyone with a smartphone, Binovi is bringing its technology to smart devices en masse…. And Binovi has patents, which FitBit didn’t have.

Imagine being able to diagnose a child’s vision problems in just a couple minutes from your smartphone or tablet. Imagine being able to then start treating those vision issues on the same app. This is where Binovi is today.


Up to 40% of childhood learning disabilities are due to vision impairment.

The treatment of learning disabilities is predicted to be a $27 Billion per year market in the US alone — and hundreds of Billions worldwide.

According to the AOA (American Optometric Association), 25 percent of all children, or 1 in 4 students, have a vision problem significant enough to impact their learning.


Binovi’s patented technology can be used in schools worldwide to improve the vision as well as brain performance for billions of students… now you may see why Terry Booth referred to Binovi as “A Global and Noble Cause”.

And if similar companies with life-changing technology are any indicator, we could see explosive growth and adoption for Binovi’s technology, potentially improving the lives of billions of their customers as well as their early investors…

Public Figures like Joe Rogan and Dave Asprey have been evangelizing biohacking to their massive worldwide audiences…

Joe Rogan casually mentioned the Iron Neck on one of his podcasts and the company became an overnight success. 

Dave Asprey seemingly invented the word “Biohacking” private companies are springing up like weeds to ride the next newfangled wave.

Entrepreneur.com proclaimed last year that “Biohacking is the latest major startup trend” and the evidence bears out.

Giving people the power to enhance their own neurology and physical performance from a smartphone is now possible — building on that trend is where Binovi can thrive. 

Performance enhancement therapies are no longer just for professional athletes or the luxury consumer. Everyone from little league baseball players to Baby Boomer weekend warriors want to reach their peak performance.

Everything is moving onto the cloud and smart devices which empowers everyday people to take their health and longevity into their hands.

Biohacking was made accessible to the masses once technology caught up with education.

Now there are billions of people worldwide who are aware of biohacking and ready for applications such as Binovi’s.

And they have the smart devices to access it.

The secret most companies don’t have is proprietary smart-tech with a proven track record…

Binovi(OTCQB: BNVIF) does…



Binovi(OTCQB: BNVIF) has already started servicing sports teams with their Sports Vision Training platform, helping professional athletes perform at their best.

Every athlete in every sport benefits from increasing cognitive performance. Athletic skills related to the eyes and brain, such as visual processing, reaction time, and the ability to take quick action directly translate into increased athletic performance. Historical case studies of the technology include (but are not limited to) these sports:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Hockey
  • Tennis

  • Fencing
  • Cricket
  • Archery
  • Olympic Games
  • Auto Racing
  • eSports

Not only did the therapy help me recover from this injury, but it also enabled me to see the game in a way that I hadn’t before.

Bryce Salvador, Former Captain of the New Jersey Devils NHL Team

With Binovi Touch, vision training will become a tremendous asset for each athlete and it will help to enhance their game on the field.

Kurt Andrews, Director of Sports Medicine for Sporting KC, MLS

So yes, it seems Terry Booth knows exactly what he’s doing, with him at the helm of this company, we may see them help billions of people worldwide, from the elderly to students to professional athletes.

And if all that is impressive, we haven’t even scratched the surface of what Terry Booth brings to the table and has access to for explosive expansion…

While at first blush there may not seem to be a direct relationship between cannabis and our new darling tech stock, Binovi(OTCQB: BNVIF).

But there is…

And Terry Booth has the edge that most companies don’t just “get lucky” to have.


Terry Booth was a pioneer in the cannabis industry, working with regulators to spearhead market acceptance for his startup Aurora Cannabis.

You see, Terry spent 7 years growing a cannabis empire, not by accident, but by establishing connections and influence across the Western world — healthcare regulatory bodies, clinician networks, policymakers and investors.

He has the literal rolodex to the who’s who of building disruptive health businesses that dominate their markets — and his heaviest impacts are in the medical field and fostering mass appeal.

Which all goes to say…

We’ve done our research and this vision stock has us seeing dollar signs… 

Let’s recap why Binovi(OTCQB: BNVIF) has everything we love in a healthcare tech “startup”:

  • Strong patents with proven track record and ongoing success in clinics
  • Consistent and growing revenues from multiple profit streams
  • Chairman with an impressive track record of doing billion-dollar business
  • Popularity and adoption across multiple and diverse industries — Medicine, Sports, Education, etc
  • Applications and tech that have been made available to all smart devices (computers, tablets, smartphones)
  • They solve a global health epidemic that is growing at alarming rates
  • Governments benefit from their solution by saving hundreds of billions in tax dollars

This one is worth diving into — worth discussing with your broker and checking out the SEC filing.

Tony StarkTerry Booth isn’t known for small plays. His last startup went to an $18 billion market cap — delivering 7500% gains for investors in only 3 short years — in a smaller market and tackling much more difficult regulatory obstacles.

He takes a great idea, with a great team, establishes a network and injects all the necessary vitality to rapidly expand.

With 5G and the “Internet of Things” compounding the capabilities of current technology, smart-tech in the medical field is beginning to experience explosive growth. 

Take a look for yourself at the latest financial news and tech headlines.

In other words… this has the potential to mint more new millionaires than any other technological revolution in history!

For all of the hype over Silicon Valley and pot stocks … which made unfathomable riches for early investors… disrupting the healthcare and education sectors could dwarf all that. 

We’re seeing it with all of the skyrocketing stocks in the medical tech sector we reviewed — tons of brand new millionaires … just in the last few years!

But your time to get in on the ground floor of Binovi(OTCQB: BNVIF) is closing quickly…

Best of luck,

Before The Bulls








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