Why This Small “Vision Biohacking” & AI Stock Could Have Big Upside in 2021

Breakthrough high-performance vision tech has ignited the pro sports world and is rapidly being adopted across multiple global industries — potential upside for investors could be huge

Binovi Technologies Corp (OTCQB: BNVIF)

If you’re an investor wondering where the next huge growth opportunity is, you deserve to look at the explosive industry of high-performance health tech.

For our highlighted stock this month, we’re focusing on Binovi (OTCQB: BNVIF) — the high-performance vision and neuro-tech company leveraging demand across multiple industries.

Their proprietary vision rehabilitation and training applications have proven their patented smart tech to be without peer.

To further and decisively cement their profit trajectories, they’ve onboarded Terry Booth, founder and former CEO of Aurora Cannabis — $18 billion juggernaut and darling of the cannabis industry.

With access to a global network of health departments and regulatory bodies, paired with their proprietary and patented smart tech, along with a vast network of early adopters, Binovi(OTCQB: BNVIF) looks to be on the fast track of dominating this cutting-edge market. 

Spotting The Early Opportunities

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve noticed retail investors are chomping at the bit to get in on the next hot trend or disruptive technology that revolutionizes an industry and ignites explosive returns for early investors.

In the past few years, we’ve seen giant windfalls from a slew of undervalued dark horses with huge upside potential. These microcap stocks provided a chance to beat institutional investors because of their huge growth opportunities — We all want to invest in the early stages of the next innovative tech company such as FitBit(NYSE: FIT) or UBER(NYSE: UBER)

If you were lucky enough to profit off the aggressive bull market we saw in the cannabis boom, congratulations. While still a potentially lucrative sector, the explosive growth opportunities with cannabis have dried up due to market saturation and huge positions held by institutional investors. So now where are many of the players from the cannabis boom turning to for exciting returns?

Well, we may have uncovered where the smart money is going. Read on…

Which sector could see the next disruptive technology that triggers massive returns for investors in-the-know?

High-performance health tech and biohacking some current big winners in this coveted league such as FitBit(NYSE: FIT), Peloton(NASDAQ: PTON), and Teladoc Health(NYSE: TDOC) have delivered Cannabis-boom-like returns for their early investors.

What these stocks have in common is they all boast (1) proprietary disruptive patents, (2) solid distribution, (3) a strong user base and most importantly (4) they fill a HUGE and under-served demand.

So which company could be next?

With 1 in 4 people having a vision problem or disability across the globe, it’s a market primed for AI-driven tech-disruption and a potential windfall for early players and investors.

The well-heeled vision tech company Binovi Technologies Corp(OTCQB: BNVIF) has been generating a lot of buzz due to some powerful partnerships and a proprietary technology that’s taking multiple industries by storm — from the educational system to professional sports, and from ophthalmology to neurology.

Introducing Binovi

Binovi(OTCQB: BNVIF) brings conventional optometry into the 21st Century.

They’re a human performance technology company that has developed a hardware + software centered service platform for vision optimization and enhancement for use in neuro-optometry, vision rehabilitation, and vision performance industries.

These applications extend far beyond just vision rehabilitation and treatment addressed by the field of conventional optometry — Binovi’s(OTCQB: BNVIF) proprietary tech has applications in the treatment of brain trauma, improvement of learning disabilities, and enhancement of athletic performance (from amateur to professional sports).

For decades, this industry has been clamoring for solutions that have now been satisfied by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and breakthrough medical science — culminating in Binovi’s proprietary applications.

Binovi has cracked the code of reprogramming the brain through vision performance — they’ve propelled this neuroscience through their proprietary technology and multiple patents they’ve acquired since 2015.

Binovi’s(OTCQB: BNVIF) vision and neuro-technology has produced evidence of wild success that far exceeds the highest expectations of the entire field of ophthalmology. 

While conventional optometry treats vision acuity and diseases, it leaves the vast majority of performance issues undiagnosed and unaddressed.

This is where Binovi excels.

Their singular goal: deliver higher performing brains by optimizing the performance of the eyes. The result is a faster brain through stronger vision.

Demand For Binovi(OTCQB: BNVIF):

Professional Sports:

25-30 million individuals in the US are trying to achieve elite athletic ability. The Binovi platform can increase vision up to 50% in the visual system and has an opportunity to help millions on a direct-to-consumer basis.

Every athlete in every sport benefits from increasing cognitive performance. Athletic skills related to the eyes and brain, such as visual processing, reaction time, and the ability to take quick action directly translate into increased athletic performance. Historical case studies of the technology include (but are not limited to) these sports:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Fencing
  • Cricket
  • Archery
  • Olympic Games
  • Auto Racing
  • eSports

With a combined market of hundreds of billions of dollars, there is no limit to what an A.I.-driven health science company can achieve as it continues to grow in its effective applications.




With over 55 million K-12 students in the United States and Canada alone, their combined education budgets top $170 billion.

Up to 40% of childhood learning issues have been connected to vision problems. Finishing high school is one of the biggest predictors of success in a child’s life. Statistically, a child who can read by the 3rd grade has a far greater likelihood of finishing high school. If their illiteracy is not remedied by this age, the effects are devastating — vision problems are one of the biggest contributors to early childhood illiteracy.

With more and more school systems in the Western world beginning to adopt applications such as Binovi(OTCQB: BNVIF), learning difficulties can be remedied early. This is an industry with nearly $100 billion in expenditures per year that is ripe for leveraging.


Terry Booth, Binovi Chairman.


Binovi(OTC: BNVIF) has shown it can help reverse the effects of brain injuries by addressing neurological damage. It’s also shown to help prevent traumatic brain injuries in professional sports players by protecting the brain’s circuitry.

Demand for Binovi is igniting across numerous medical fields. Their AI-driven neuro-technology has proven useful far beyond the limits of modern brain science and cognitive medicine.

There’s a growing need for Binovi’s applications across vast and diverse networks of doctors and practitioners – ophthalmologists, neurologists, physical therapists — both domestically and globally.

There are two forces currently at work that may contribute to the popularity Binovi is beginning to experience:

  1. AI-driven smart technology — the more users that join the Binovi platform means the more valuable the platform becomes as it improves upon itself in real-time.
  2. Early adoption to exponential growth — as their applications and tech continue to prove effective with early adopters, it could become an inevitable resource for all practitioners in their respective fields.

The trends for these forces look to be solid and ever-growing as the Binovi platform produces its promised results.

Binovi’s Proprietary Vision Tech

An Impressive Pedigree:

Their current hardware is a reimagination of The Seccadic Fixator invented by Harry Wayne – a renowned vision pioneer whose company and IP were acquired by Binovi in 2015.

Their entire software is built upon A.I. — each new user makes their system smarter and more effective.

This is great news since their user base and rate of adoption globally has begun to explode — with new sports medicine networks, professional sports teams, and education regulatory bodies licensing Binovi’s platform.

There’s been a democratization of this technology – what was once only accessible to elite athletes and wealthy “biohackers” is now being rolled out to the masses so the 1 in 4 people with vision problems can see improvements.

This field has predominantly been leveraged by high-performance athletes, pro sports teams and the wealthy with discretionary income for vanity health pursuits. Binovi(OTCQB: BNVIF) offers the first cutting-edge vision and neurological applications being made accessible to the masses — it puts this formerly exclusive edge into the hands of parents of special needs kids, youth athletics groups, educators, competitive adults from all walks of life and health practitioners interested in breakthrough science.

Comparable Companies

Looking at similar companies founded on AI and proprietary tech, we can see a lot of commonalities and an almost identical arc that Binovi(OTCQB: BNVIF) is following.


Fitbit comfortably defined itself as an “Activity Tracker” — this smart wrist device registered steps, heart-rate, calories burned, distance moved, and a slew of other health indicators.

Finding its initial market in the extremely health-conscious, Fitbit(FIT) found an even bigger audience in everyday people — stay-at-home parents, office workers, the elderly, and even teens.

They took a 40% global obesity rate and leveraged it to ignite an evangelism for their product — finding a universal worry about maintaining health across every age cohort and they exploited it, resulting in a cultural groundswell with windfall profits.

Similarly, Binovi(OTCQB: BNVIF) is tapping into an almost identical universal need — vision problems and neurological acuity. With 1 in 4 having diagnosable vision problems, Binovi is poised for the same huge growth opportunities enjoyed by these other Blue-Chip stocks.

Fitbit was finally acquired this year by Google in a $2.1 billion acquisition.

CloudMD Software & Services Inc(DOC)

Founded in 2013, CloudMD digitized healthcare delivery by giving patients access to every aspect of their medical treatment from their phone, tablet or desktop computer. 

They rode the wave of AI-driven smart technology and leveraged relationships between insurance companies, clinics and patients. 

Their applications were exported to all compatible smart devices and accessed from patients no matter their location. Their cloud-based patents and acquisitions have bolstered their already strong patent portfolio, leading them to acquire HumanaCare and expand their standing in the healthcare industry.

Patents, A.I., distribution, and an evolving solution to a universal and underleveraged problem — these are what contributed to the powerhouse that is CloudMD(DOC) today and the success of all the investors who took early positions prior to its bigger acquisitions.

Current Market Cap for CloudMD is $414 million.

Financial Markets to be Leveraged

According to government projections, global education spending globally will top $8 Trillion dollars in the next few years (yes, trillions with a “T”)

The continued massive investments made by professional sports teams in sports medicine and peak performance trainers is one of the biggest drivers of high-performance tech like Binovi(OTCQB: BNVIF). This is only set to dramatically increase as science and medicine push the limits of human potential.

Add to this all of the secondary industries branching off these main arteries and Binovi(OTCQB: BNVIF) has a larger market to capitalize on than even cannabis could have ever hoped for (keep in mind that cannabis is still illegal in half the world while Binovi’s market has no such shackles).

So what’s driving this growth you ask?

An increase of investment into childhood education and remedial treatments, pro sports entering the new age of peak performance, and a new desire to treat issues like traumatic brain injuries with permanent solutions in lieu of conventional physical therapy.

But the biggest feature that could fast-track their expansion: ease of use — their applications could be set to roll out to hundreds of clinics across the nation, but have also now been simplified to be used on tablets so anyone with a smart device can avail themselves of the Binovi applications. That means they’ll have the same potential for market penetration as a behemoth like FitBit.

This is way bigger than cannabis; this is a huge opportunity for investors but also schools, kids, and athletes. This is something that affects millions of people

Terry Booth, Binovi Chairman

The Binovi products and partners

They appear to be poised for exponential growth for multiple reasons:

  1. Most sports teams and education bodies have never been able to quantify and objectively measure human performance changes — Binovi(OTCQB: BNVIF) gives them this ability.
  2. Growth is supported by innovation, and innovation drives growth — The purest examples of this are AI-driven tech companies.
  3. As the platform evolves, it will also continue to get smarter — giving it an ever-increasing edge in the field and over the competition.

Binovi(OTCQB: BNVIF) has multiple payment models fueling its revenue:

They receive…

  • One-time payments for hardware — full-pay and financing.
  • Application subscription fees to use their technology. 
  • Integrated eLearning products — including interactive educational content delivered by in-app publications (also on a subscription basis). 

They essentially have a point-and-click SaaS platform to service all of the above which makes accessibility their #1 service.

UPDATE: Something exciting and currently underway is that they’re working to ink their first nationwide deal, opening up the Binovi(NYSE: EYCCF) platform across a network of locations spanning a couple of hundred locations. Getting just one of these deals successfully over the line will open up their technology to entirely new markets. Additionally, due to their new exposure with some top sports franchises, you’re going to hear a lot more “high-profile” announcements from pro sports and collegiate teams.

Board With a Track Record

Who’s On The Board?

Terry Booth, CEO:

While Binovi(OTCQB: BNVIF) had already laid impressive groundwork and secured remarkably effective IP and sales that topped $2 million in 2019, they bolstered their position when they onboarded Terry Booth as the Chairman.

He founded the uber-successful cannabis company — Aurora Cannabis — with his own money, which he ran for 7 years, taking it all the way to a peak value of $18 billion. This experience saw him traveling all over the world working with health officials and dealing with regulatory bodies to take the company to the heights it achieved. Beyond his expertise, his global network of policy-makers and health regulators gives Binovi(OTCQB: BNVIF) a huge leg up against the competition.

When asked by the Founder of the investor-relations powerhouse Agoracom, “If this is a baseball game, what inning is [Binovi] in?”

Terry’s answer with a big grin: “First inning. Up to bat.”

Adam Cegielski, Founder:

Adam R. Cegielski founded Binovi Technologies Corp.(OTCQB: BNVIF) and Insight Consulting — he’s been at the head of 11 different companies, bringing cross-discipline and growth-oriented know-how straight to the heart of Binovi.

It’s an unbelievable feeling to know that you’ve got a team that is going to come together that have successfully commercialized a global opportunity, that have changed policy – I don’t even know how to explain it honestly and how it feels.

Adam Cegielski, Founder

Salim Mithani, CTO:

Salim Mithani founded Made with Magnolia, Inc. Currently, he is Director & Chief Technology Officer at Binovi Technologies Corp. Dr. Mithani is also on the board of Thoughtful Brands, Inc

In his past career he was Chief Technology Officer of Made with Magnolia, Inc., Chief Technology Officer for Indusblue, Inc. and Vice President-Technical Services at Apotex, Inc.

There’s a lot we can learn in terms of human cognitive performance and neurological performance. We’re just scratching the surface there.

Dr. Salim Mithani, PhD – CTO Binovi

Binovi is poised for exponential growth

Binovi platform is found in over 300 locations across the world, mostly in the United States. They’re currently negotiating various opportunities that will allow them to submit and deliver technology to enterprises that have 200-300 nationwide, and centralize all that data into one location.

Their 12-Month Plan:

1. Expand Sports Offering 

Hardware Development Extensions – as their smart-tech evolves, so too must their
hardware be upgraded to facilitate newer capabilities.

Acquisitions to build out applications suite – they’re adding to an already impressive
patent portfolio to further solidify their value across multiple sectors

2. Launch Education Offering 

Early Education Screen and Training to transform early reading potential 

Rollout Binovi Platform to K-12 Programs

3. Expand IP Portfolio 

Continue IP Development on next versions of technology 

Acquire IP to expand offering and capability of applications


Binovi has the opportunity to be the Global Leader in how they shape the Vision and Brains of Future Generations

Taking Action based on sound fundamentals

With biohacking and peak performance being major cultural movers this last decade, it’s not hard to see the huge upside potential and growth indicators in these industries. We’re truly in the early stages of long-term gains on these technologies and may see a major long-term bull market if trends continue the way they’re going.

Do your due diligence and research Binovi(OTCQB: BNVIF) — talk to your broker and consider taking a position on them while they’re gaining a lot of traction with early adopters.


This report is strictly for information purposes only and is neither soliciting you to buy nor sell securities. BeforeTheBulls.com (TruTap LLC) is not a registered investment advisor nor a broker-dealer. Any information, opinions, or analysis contained herein are based on sources seen as trustworthy. There is no explicit or implicit representation as to the accuracy or complete nature of its contents. The present opinions herein reflect our current estimation and are subject to change. BeforeTheBulls.com (TruTap LLC) accepts zero liability for losses arising from the investor’s use of this material. BeforeTheBulls.com (TruTap LLC) has been compensated 60k for coverage of ECCYF by Binovi Technologies Corp. this year. BeforeTheBulls.com (TruTap LLC) currently holds zero shares of this stock. BeforeTheBulls.com (TruTap LLC) or its affiliates may buy shares in the open market at any time without notice. The article contains forward-looking statements, as per the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act (PSLRA), including, but not limited to statements about manufacturing, marketing, growth, and expansion. The words “may”, “would,” “will,” “expect,” “estimate,” “anticipate,” “believe,” “intend,” “project,” along with similar wording are to communicate forward-looking statements. Such forward-looking data involves important risks and uncertainties that may influence results. Readers are advised to read and carefully consider any risk indicated and explained in the profiled company’s SEC and/or other government filings. Investing in microcap securities is speculative and carries a high degree of risk. Never invest in stocks discussed on this site unless you can afford to lose your entire investment.

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